In 1977, a Colombian nun called Esther Castaño Mejia set up a sewing workshop with just a few second hand sewing machines to offer practical help to women rescued from the streets of Bogotá. The workshop provided training and experience, enabling women to apply for jobs in other factories, but at this stage was not a commercially viable manufacturer.

Páramo’s founder, Nick Brown, made contact with Miquelina in 1992 and since then Páramo and Miquelina have grown together. Páramo is celebrating 30yrs of award-winning outdoor clothing, and the Foundation now provides training and employment for over 500 vulnerable women each year who want to improve their lives.

Páramo’s goal is to produce clothing that keeps you comfortable in the harshest conditions, and allows you to reach the wildest places safely.

Páramo aims for functional excellence whilst having minimum impact upon the environment.

Páramo combines ingenious, rigorously field-tested designs with innovative textile systems which are specified and tested by Nikwax.

Páramo is a specialist in the use of directionality. Páramo clothing directs condensation, sweat and rain to where you need it to be, which is usually away from you.

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